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KPMG Foundation seeks to bring about systemic change in business and society-specifically, an increase in the diversity of ideas. That's why we invest in business education and volunteerism at all levels over the long term. It works because of a simple multiplier effect: By giving to one-one program, one person, one organization-we have an impact on many, and there's no limit to what they can do. It's a burgeoning of knowledge, a proliferating of ideas, a propagating of understanding.

KPMG Foundation Highlights

The following individuals have been awarded a 2013-2014 KPMG Foundation Minority Accounting Doctoral Scholarship:

New Awards 2013-2014 Academic Year

  • David Caban, Florida Atlantic University
  • Kellie Carr, Florida Atlantic University
  • Pedro Gomez, Northwestern
  • Michelle Harding, Univeristy of Tennessee-Knoxville
  • Shakenya Johnson, University of Alabama
  • Thomas Lewis, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Christopher Miller, University of Mississippi
  • Josette Renee Edw Pelzer, Florida State University
  • Edward Charles Randle, Jackson State University
  • Daniela Sanchez, Texas Tech
  • Omar Watts, Syracuse University